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[ad_1] Future and Metro Boomin have presented their first music video from “WE STILL DON’T TRUST YOU“. The duo chose the artist of the song, The Weeknd, as well as Winnie Harlow to present the music video for the titular track of the project. “Bro, let’s get out of here,” Winnie Harlow says at the […]

[ad_1] Future and Metro Boomin join forces with The Weeknd and present the music video for “Young Metro“! On Monday, Future and Metro Boomin released the music video for their song from “We Don’t Trust You” titled “Young Metro,” which sees the artists posing and dancing in front of a Tesla Cybertruck. Directed by Hidji […]

[ad_1] Future and Metro Boomin unveil the official artwork for their first full-length collab-project, “We Don’t Trust You”. The cover was photographed by Matt Adam and features Metro and Future dressed for the occasion in Lanvin for Future and Celine for Metro Boomin as they prepare to land, shattering the first of their two new […]

[ad_1] Prepare for a double dose of musical mastery as two titans of the industry, Future and Metro Boomin, gear up to unleash not one, but two collaborative albums onto the world stage. Metro Boomin, the maestro behind some of Future’s most iconic hits, including “Jumpman” and “Mask Off,” has joined forces once again with […]

[ad_1] Ο Metro Boomin στο «Αραχνο-σύμπαν». Ο διάσημος μουσικός παραγωγός Metro Boomin επεκτείνει την ιστορία του στο σύμπαν των κόμικς και των ταινιών με την κυκλοφορία του soundtrack της ταινίας «Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse» (Spider-Man: Ακροβατώντας στο Αραχνο-σύμπαν). Ο Metro Boomin ανέλαβε χρέη εκτελεστικού παραγωγού και συγκέντρωσε στο soundtrack, που κυκλοφορεί από την Republic Records / Universal Music, […]