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Felix Jaehn Revives The Spirit Of Eurodance In His New Single ‘Still Fall’

Written by on 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2023


After a series of exceptionally well-received premieres this year, Felix Jaehn – a DJ and platinum-record-winning producer – releases another novelty: “Still Fall”, through which he aims to once again climb the charts worldwide.

– Creating “Still Fall,” I focused on capturing the essence of love and the feeling of being in a state reminiscent of a dream, where everything looks perfect. This song is a celebration of the beauty of a relationship and an inspiration for people who want to cherish those precious moments

– comments Felix Jaehn.

Similar to his previous hits, “Past Life,” “On My Love,” and “Weekends,” Jaehn’s latest work also maintains the characteristic style of happy rave – a genre that the artist perfected on his EP this year, titled “Happy Rave.”

Energetic beats and eurodance-inspired melodies played on the piano combine with enchanting vocals, creating an uplifting whole wrapped in a cozy autumn atmosphere.

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The artist has been one of the most sought-after DJs and producers worldwide for years. Taylor Swift recently asked him to remix the song “Lavender Haze.” What distinguishes Jaehn is his unique ability to create music that is not only catchy and dance-inducing but also emotionally moving for listeners. With over 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Felix continues his excellent streak this year. The solo single “Still Fall” is another milestone in his career, already being the ninth release after the “Happy Rave” EP.

Listen the New Single Still Fall:

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